Siruba Series D007S Feed-off-the-arm Flatseamer

Siruba D007S series is design for joining or decorative stitching of high stretch products including sportswear, swimwear and underwear. D007S realizes the strong and delicate sewing quality. Brand new sealed type presser foot mechanism realizes the target of zero oil leakage. Full range of presser foots fulfills various sewing demands. Powerful direct-drive servo motor makes high performance with lowo energy consuming. Presser foot lifter is a standard equipment, which pneumatic and electric types are optional.


Optional attachment:

  • AW1 – External compressor type waste suction set (required connection to the compressed air installation)
  • AW2 – Suction motor type waste suction set
  • AK/AW7 – sensor controlled pnaumatic type chain cutter with waste suction set
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